Christian Mediation Ministries  

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The Panel of Peacemakers are highly qualified in their respective fields of expertise and are

available to assist you in resolving the conflict.

Peacemaker, Cape Town, South Africa

Francois Human

Pastor Francois advocates peacemaking through the Holy 

Spirit. He holds a vast experience over thirty 

years in various industries and has the ability to assist 

parties to turn conflict situation or dispute around with 

a positive outcome for all parties. He transforms any 

conflict situation to peace through the Power of the Holy 

Spirit.  He holds the following educational qualifications:

BA - Development Studies

BIuris - Law

LLB - Law

DAdr - Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution

B.Min Honours - Theology

Certificate - Synapses, Neurons and Brains from the Hebrew 

                      University of Jerusalem

Certificate - The Art of Conflict Resolution from Educazo 


Certificate - Conflict Analysis from the United States Institute 

                      of  Peace

Certificate - Interfaith Conflict Resolution from the United 

                      States Institute of Peace

Certificate - Negotiation and Conflict Management from the 

                      United States Institute of Peace

Certificate - The Art of Negotiation from the University of 

                      California, Irvine

Certificate - Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and 

                      Skills from the University of  Michigan

Certificate - Introduction to Mediation and Dispute 

                      Management from the Royal Institution of 

                      Chartered Surveyors

Certificate - Divorce Mediation from the Law Society of 


                      South Africa

Certificate - Alternative Dispute Resolution Program in 

                      Mediation from ADR - Network South Africa

Certificate - Arbitration from the International Court of 

                      Arbitration (ICC)

Francois is appointed as a panelist of the Arbitration 

Foundation of Southern Africa and is an accredited 

mediator and facilitator with the Family Mediation 

Association of the Cape and an accredited civil commercial 

mediator with the Royal Institution of Chartered 

Surveyors and also serve as a member of the Presidents 

Panel of Mediators of the Royal Institution of Chartered 

Surveyors, both aforementioned association and institution 

are accredited with the Dispute Settlement Accreditation 

Council at the Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement in South 


Peacemaker, Cape Town, South Africa

Justin Hall

Pastor Justin Hall has been involved in the ordained 

Christian ministry for close to twenty five years. One of the 

primary motivating factors of his life and ministry is his 

desire to be a catalyst in the manifestation of the kingdom 

of God on Earth. A foundational tenant of this kingdom is 

the principle of peace. Justin has devoted his life to the 

proclamation and promotion of the Christian Gospel which, 

at its core, is a message that desires to bring peace between 

man and God and then from that, man and man. 

Furthermore, his vast pastoral experience has exposed him 

to many situations where he has had the opportunity on 

both an individual, family and corporate level to facilitate 

peaceful solutions to conflict situations. Justin is 

experienced in using various methods and models to 

facilitate a  mediatorial environment aimed at enhancing 

effective communication, conflict identification and 

resolution and where necessary, the development of 

processes of restitution. Justin is an experienced nouthetic 

counselor and is able to effectively apply biblical principles 

to present day conflict situations.  

He holds the following educational qualifications: 

Certificate of Merit in Theology - RBTC

Licentiate in Theology - BISA